After sale service is very important to keep the concrete mixer pump machine in good operation and maintenance mode. Some customer was the first time brought the concrete mixer pump machine for  their construction site, they just knew this concrete mixer pump machine was good and suitable for their construction, labor time would be reduce and cost too, so stand by their side, brought this machine could take more benefit from their initial investment.

We should not only just according to the market sell this machine, but also give the customer good service for the next process, like after sale service of concrete mixer pump machine.

Concrete Mixer Pump Machine After Sale Service in Kenya

Kenya customer asked and let me arrange the schedule for Kenya Mombasa visit. We communicated and made sure the data 21th, October, he asked his agent helped us booked and brought the flight ticket on the date 21th, also we applied the visa during the time we talked. And at the date of 22th, we arrived at the Nairobi international airport and were successfully finished the visa checked, also we met the people who picked me up at the door of air port.

The first day of after sale service of concrete mixer pump, the boss said just took me and engineer to his construction which concrete mixer with pump located in, and the boss introduced his construction and the final application of this machine, used this machine pouring the wall and building the 4 story buildings.

At the next day, we just came to the construction the site. First of all, my engineer asked me to tell the customer he would checked machine for some hours. He started the total switch of the machine, and the electric parts light lighting , then started the machine diesel engine, checked the diesel engine and hydraulic pump, then started the hopper loading, checked the hopper loading speed whether normal. After several time test, the loading hopper find some problems, upping hopper speed was normal, but the down hopper speed was so fast. Engineer just adjusted the proximity switch, and tight the screw again, finished all work, the hopper down speed normal.

Follow the next step, checked the mixer drum, no matter the rotation of positive , but also the Negative rotation, instruction display was normal. But  when we checked the water inserted into the drum , we found some problems that water pumping without control by time count device, auto watering without control. After the test and checking , water was being normal.

And afternoon, we tested and began to pump the concrete, we suggested customer to use one people loading material, small wheel loader operation, and one people operated the machine, two people were in charge of put the cement into the hopper.

We suggested two small bucket stone (one bucket is 6 bottle , weight is 120kg  two bucket is 240kg ), one bucket sand (one bucket is nearly about 6 bottles , 120kg more or less ), two bag cements (one bag cement is 50kgs , two bag is 100kgs).

Customer accepted the suggestion, when concrete pumping, the concrete coming out is not so good, stone is so many, sand is so less, and also the pipe is sucked some times.

According this case, we stopped the pumping , and talked with customer for this reason , at the same time, we asked people for pipe clean and re-install , at last, customer reduced some stone pebble and adding more sand, after some times testing, the result was good, concrete pumping was more smoothing.

One afternoon time, we finished customer 3 days work task. And also engineer told the process of cleaning the pipe, used the ball and put it into the pipe, loading water, made pressure pulling the ball, the ball push the concrete out .

After one days working, we talked more and visited his other construction sites, he let me give his suggestion, I suggested he should buy small mobile concrete batching, and buy big one concrete pump for delivery concrete, he said he will think this suggestion.

And when I was back to china , my customer told that he would buy 80m3/h diesel engine concrete pump and small mobile concrete batching after sale service of concrete mixer pump. Currently my customer is make sure the quality of machine , also I am waiting his answer now.

Below are some photos of after sale service of concrete mixer pump at the customer construction site.

After Sale Service of Concrete Mixer Pump machine for Kenya Customer
After Sale Service of Concrete Mixer Pump Machine
After Sale Service of Concrete Mixer Pump Machine for Kenya Customer

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