Wet shotcrete machine is an advanced product in shotcreting technology enabling continuous flow with minimum rebound ensuring coverage of maximum area in shortest possible time thereby increasing the overall productivity of project. The wet shotcrete machine is often used to spay out the finished concrete mixed with accelerator from its nozzle to the construction surface. The nozzle is installed at the outlet of the pipe and the air is compressed and the concrete is ejected. MINLE wet shotcrete machine is engineered with high quality wearing parts, variable displacement plunger pump, novel developed cam track and rolling body to obtain higher reliability and high concrete spaying efficiency and uniformity. our Wet shotcreting machine features simple structure, reliable working performance, high efficiency, decreased dust, small shape, light weight, low concrete consumption, reduced rebound resilience, saving material,  It is extensively used for concrete spraying, filling, grouting, pumping in construction projects in mine, culvert, construct foundation pit support, channel slope protection, etc.

Wet Shotcrete Machine
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Specifications of Wet Shotcrete Machine

No Item Unit Specifications
1 Max. Concrete Output Capacity  m³/h 3~7
2 Max. System Pressure MPa 15
3 Working wind Pressure  MPa ≥0.4
4 Max. Aggregate Size  mm ≤15
5 Main motor power Kw 22
6 Power Supply V AC 380
7 Concrete slump mm 120~180
8 Hopper Capacity  L 300
9 Max. Concrete Conveying Height  mm 1100
11  Concrete slump  mm 100~200
19 Oil Tank Capacity L 145
20 Rebound degree ≤10%
25 Overall Dimension (LxWxH) mm 3675x1435x1465
26  Total Weight Kg 2100

Features of Wet Shotcrete Machine

  • High quality, high working efficiency.
  • The water ash ratio is much easier to control and concrete coefficient is high, it can greatly improve the concrete quality and increase the concrete uniformity.
  • Hydraulic pumping method,  high system reliability, stable delivery volume. It is extensively used for concrete spraying, filling, grouting, pumping in construction projects.
  • Low rebound resilience. The concrete rebound resilience can be less than 10% when wet spray.
  • The injection quantity can be  continuously adjustable.
  • The main oil pump adopts a variable displacement plunger pump, and the injection speed can be adjusted freely (the maximum number of adjustments is not more than 10 times/min.)
  • The concrete accelerator quantity can be continuously adjustable according to the amount of spraying.
  • It greatly reduces the dust concentration around the machine and jet nozzle.
  • Longer life span of the wearing parts.
  • The consumable parts service life of the main engine is not lower than the spraying 4000m3.
  • Automatic lubrication system. Automatic controlled lubrication for main sealed parts, grease filling amount and filling time.
  • Intelligent automatic control can greatly prolong the life of vulnerable parts.
  • Humanized product design.
  • The use of remote control handle, easy to operate.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Competitive factory price.

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