Common faults of concrete pumping machine generally include system fault and component fault. System fault is often caused by component failure which needs to be maintained under the instructions of professional personnel.

I  Common fault of main pumping system of concrete pumping machine

  1. Master cylinder piston does not work

(1) The wiring of pumping start button SB4 is loose.

(2) Usually the fault of electro-hydraulic direction valve 9 is caused by pilot valve plug sticking or electromagnet valve YV3 and YV4 burnout.

(3) There is no sufficient hydraulic oil in oil tank.

(4) The filter element is blocked seriously.

  1. The master cylinder fails to reverse direction

(1) The electro-hydraulic direction valve, one-way valve and sequence valve are stuck.

(2) The electro-hydraulic direction valve 10 or electromagnet valve YV3 or YV4 is burnt out.

  1. The master cylinder piston moves slowly

(1) The one-way valve of master cylinder is broken.

(2) The filter element is blocked or there is no sufficient hydraulic oil.

(3) The orifice plug in oil control circuit is blocked.

(4) In the process of high-level pumping, the oil is not supplemented timely, the hydraulic oil in the enclosed cavity of master cylinder is not sufficient and the stroke distance is shortened.

  1. The delivery pipe does not discharge concrete well: the concrete is discharged interruptedly or the discharge volume is small.

(1) The concrete piston is worn seriously.

(2) The clearance between the glass-like plate and the cutting ring is too large.

(3) The concrete quality is too poor which causes the poor absorption performances.

(4) The S-pipe is blocked. The distributing valve does not swing in position.

The nylon bearing pedestal of swing cylinder is worn, deformed or uneven in thickness. Add adjusting shim under the nylon bearing pedestal of swing cylinder or replace it.

The swing arm end of distributing valve has mortar leakage.

The waterproof dust ring at the small S-pipe end is deformed, the bearing is worn seriously or the clearance is too large. Check and replace them if necessary.

II  Common fault of lubricating system of concrete pumping machine

  1. The progressive oil distributor valve plug is stuck. Clean up the progressive oil distributing circuit regularly.
  2. The one-way valve at the lubricating pump exit does not work. Check and replace it if necessary.
  3. The overflow valve in lubricating system does not work. The inspector shall check it and replace it if necessary.
  4. The lubricating oil quality does not meet the requirement; the oil has too high viscosity to pass the filter screen.
  5. A lubricating oil circuit is blocked. Usually the blocked one is the lubricating point on the big-end bearing of distributing valve.
How to Troubleshoot Common Fault of Concrete Pumping Machine
How to Troubleshoot Common Fault of Concrete Pumping Trailer Machine
How to Troubleshoot Common Fault of Concrete Pump

III. Common faults of mixing system of concrete pumping machine

  1. If the concrete pumping performance is too bad, the mixing resistance is too large or the mixing blades are stuck, the operating personnel shall make it rotate reversely.
  2. The setting pressure of mixing overflow valve is not sufficient. Stuck the mixing blades with wood and adjust the pressure to 12MPa.
  3. The hydraulic motor is broken. Check it and replace it if necessary.
  4. The gear pump of mixing system is damaged. Check it and replace it.
  5. The operating rod of hand-operated directional valve is broken or does not work which causes the directional valve plug cannot move to the required position.
  6. The mixing shaft or shaft sleeve is broken. The operating personnel shall clean it up for overhaul.

    IV Common fault of pump starting of concrete pumping machine

    After starting the main motor, the main motor does not work and make the buzz sound. Usually it means the power source has phase loss.

    VI Main electrical and voltage component fault of concrete pumping machine

    1.Terminal relay

The faults usually include coil burning or contact burning which cause that the contact cannot connect or disconnect normally.

  1. Electromagnet

There are totally two electromagnets in this pump. The two electromagnets YV1 and YV2 on the electro-hydraulic directional valve 10 control the positive and reverse pumping of this pump.

The fault determination method is listed below:

Switch on the control power and take off the rubber sleeve on the electromagnet end. Push the electromagnet core inside with hand and screw the corresponding operating button, it means the electromagnet on the opposite side of this electromagnet is burnt out. After screwing the inching button, the corresponding electromagnet shall make a sound.

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