Trailer pumpcrete is the concrete pumping equipment which is mounted on the trailer. Trailer pumpcrete transports the fine stone concrete to the destination of the building, and also can be used for the tunnel construction. Usually, foreign clients like the trailer pumpcrete powered by diesel fuel engine, because this kind of trailer pumpcrete is easy to use on the building site, the trailer pumpcrete machine will not be affected if there is no enough power supply.

Our client from Philippines was very interested in our trailer pumpcrete and he gave me a call and asked many questions. He said that he did not need the big concrete pump machine and just for structure the citizen house, the Max. vertical height was 20m and the concrete pump must be powered by diesel engine.

We recommended our 20m3/h diesel engine trailer pumpcrete HBTS20-8-39R, this type trailer pumpcrete machine was very compact and portable, easy to trail on the building site, hydraulic power, PLC Control system, Kawasaki brand of the main oil pump, the Max. Vertical height could reach 30m. This kind of concrete pump was also used for constructing the taller building.

After got my suggest, he had many questions such as the PLC Control system, our design was Mitsubishi brand, but he required Delta brand. He told us that the control computer of all their concrete pumps was Delta brand and he knew well about it. if something wrong with it, they could fix by themselves. We told him Mitsubishi brand was better than Delta and very famous on the world, but he insisted on Delta brand. We referred to our engineer and got that Delta was also good, so we could meet clients requirements. During our discussion, we sent them lot of photos of our trailer pumpcrete, but their engineers still not believed us. He said that many years ago, one Chinese supplier cheated them, from that time they done business very carefully. It was better that arranged engineered to visit our factory and then we will show our concrete pump machines. We told him that we warmly welcomed to visit us. On 13 Aug. 2018, they arranged 2 workers to visit our factory, and we had been to the building site together. After  checking our machines worked in construction site, they were very happy. They asked that whether this pumpcrete could allow the aggregate size 25mm. Our techniques told them that our trailer pumpcrete could allow the Max. Aggregate size 30mm, please be rest assured of that point.

On 22 Aug. 2018 their workers were back, their boss contacted me and made the contract, assured some main points, such as the Delta brand control computer, 25mm Max. Aggregate size, Max. 20m vertical height. We wrote all their requirements on contract and they confirmed this order. And after 15 days, we loaded it into container.

Trailer pumpcrete was exported To Philippines
Trailer pumpcrete machine was exported To Philippines
Trailer concrete pump was exported To Philippines

Trailer Pumpcrete Specifications

  • Trailer Pumpcrete Model – HBTS20-8-39R
  • Max Theoretical Concrete Output -20 m³/h
  • Max Concrete outlet Pressure – 8MPa
  • Concrete slump -120~230mm
  • Aggregate Size – 30mm
  • Diesel engine power –  39 Kw
  • Concrete cylinder diameter – 140/750mm
  • Vertical height max conveying distance – 100m
  • Horizontal distance max conveying distance -300m
  • Pipe Cleaning Mode – Water washing
  • Total Weight – 3000 Kg
  • Overall size: 4900mmx1550mmx1650mm

Through this business trade, this client Re-recognized Chinese suppliers and he believed Chinese factory from this order.

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