Portable concrete trailer pump, as well known as concrete pump trailer, is composed of pump body and delivery pipe. Portable concrete trailer pump is a kind of concrete pump machine that use pressure to transport concrete continuously along the pipeline. Portable concrete trailer pump is mainly used in the construction of houses, Bridges and tunnels. MINLE brand portable concrete trailer pump is mainly divided into gate valve concrete pump trailer and S valve concrete pump trailer. Large portable concrete trailer pump is widely  used for tall buildings, high-speed, flyover and other large concrete engineering concrete conveying work.

How to use the Portable Concrete Trailer Pump

  • The Portable Concrete Trailer Pump should be placed on a solid and flat ground, with the supporting legs down and the fuselage placed smoothly.
  • It is should be checked before operation to ensure that the electrical equipment and instruments are normal, the switch buttons and handle of all parts are in the correct position, the fastening points of the mechanical part are firm and reliable, the tightness of the chain and belt meets the specified requirements, and the transmission part operates normally.
  • The concrete conveying pipe joints shall be tightly sealed and the pipe clips shall be firmly connected. Vertical pipe should be no less than 10 meters in front of the horizontal pipe with a check valve, it was strictly prohibited to connect the vertical pipe directly to the concrete delivery pump outlet.
  • When dredging the blocked pipe, people around should be evacuated. Before disassembling and cleaning the pipeline, backpumping method should be adopted to remove the pressure of the conveying pipeline. It is strictly forbidden to pipe mouth to person when disassembling.
  • Please don not remove the hopper grid and other safety devices during operation. Did not climb or ride the conveying pipe,  not put your hand into the valve body to work,  not remove the pipe when pumping.
  • When cleaning the pipe, the operator should leave the pipe outlet and bend joint.When cleaning the pipe with compressed air, no one and equipment shall be allowed within 10 meters of the pipe outlet.
  • After the operation, unload the hydraulic system and return all the control switches to the original position.
Portable Concrete Trailer Pump operation and attention
Concrete Trailer Pump operation and attention
Portable Concrete Pump operation and attention

Piping design of Portable Concrete Trailer Pump

The concrete delivery pipe of portable concrete trailer pump shall be arranged according to the characteristics of the project and construction site and the concrete pouring scheme. You should shorten the length of the pipeline, less elbow and hose. The laying of delivery pipe should ensure safe construction, facilitate cleaning pipe, troubleshooting and installation and disassembly maintenance.

Concrete delivery pipes of the same diameter shall be used in the same pipeline. When the new and 1-day sections are adopted at the same time, the new pipe should be arranged at a place with higher pumping pressure. The pipeline should be arranged horizontally and vertically. A schematic drawing of pipe layout shall be drawn, the specifications and quantities of various pipe fittings, pipe connecting rings and elbow pipes shall be listed, and a list of spare parts shall be proposed. The concrete delivery pipe should be selected according to the maximum particle size of coarse aggregate, the type of portable concrete trailer pump, the delivery distance of concrete output, and the degree of conveying difficulty. The delivery pipe shall have a strength suitable for pumping conditions. The pipe section without crack, bump and bend should be used. Pipe joints shall be tight, strong enough to be quickly assembled and dismantled. When the minimum pipe diameter of conveying pipe is l00mm, the maximum particle size of coarse aggregate cannot exceed 30mm, and when the minimum pipe diameter is 125mm, the maximum particle size cannot exceed 40mm. When piping vertically upward, the length of horizontal pipe on the ground shall not be less than 1/4 of the length of vertical pipe, and shall not be less than 15m, or comply with the provisions of the product specification. A globe valve shall be set at the root of the conveying pipe at the y-shaped pipe outlet 3 ~ 6m of the concrete pump to prevent the backflow of concrete mixture. When pumping underground structures, the horizontal pipe axis on the ground should be perpendicular to the y-shaped pipe outlet axis.When inclined downward piping, exhaust valve should be set at the upper end of inclined piping;When the height difference is greater than 20m, a horizontal pipe with 5 times the height difference length should be set at the lower end of the inclined pipe.If the condition is limited, the elbow pipe or ring pipe can be added to meet the requirement of 5 times the height difference length.The fixation of concrete conveying pipe shall not be directly supported on steel bars, formwork and embedded parts. Horizontal pipe shall be fixed with bracket, platform pad and sling at a certain distance, so as to eliminate pipe blockage, install, dismantle and clean the pipe. The vertical pipe should be fixed in the hole on the wall and the column or the roof of the floor with embedded parts.In the wall and column, each section of the pipe should not be less than 1 fixed point, in each floor slab holes should be fixed. A bend at the lower end of a vertical pipe should not be used as a support point for an upper pipe.Suitable for steel support to bear the weight of vertical pipe. When the vertical pipe is fixed on the scaffold, the scaffold can be strengthened as required.There shall be no leakage of slurry at the clamp of pipe joint.In hot season construction, it is advisable to cover the concrete conveying pipe with wet cloth and warm straw bag to avoid sunshine. Construction in cold season, it is advisable to use insulation materials to cover the kungfu soil conveying pipe, to prevent the concrete inside the pipe from freezing, and to ensure the temperature of concrete into the mold.When the horizontal conveying distance is more than 200m, the vertical conveying distance is more than 40m, the conveying pipe is vertically downward or the horizontal pipe is arranged in front of the inclined pipe, when the cement consumption per unit of kungfei soil mixture is less than 300kg/m3, the piping method and pumping process must be reasonably selected, it is advisable to use large diameter concrete conveying pipe and long conical pipe, and less elbow pipe and hose.When the conveying height exceeds the maximum conveying distance of concrete pump, relay pump (successor pump) can be used for pumping.In addition, according to the characteristics of engineering structure, construction technology, cloth requirements and piping conditions, the choice of cloth equipment. The distribution equipment shall be arranged according to the size of the structure plane, the piping condition and the length of the cloth rod, and it shall cover the entire structure plane, and the cloth shall be distributed evenly and quickly. The distributing equipment should be firmly and stably installed.

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