Diesel shotcrete pump is the kind of wet shotcrete pump driven by diesel engine for flexible operation far away from power supply.  The mixes diesel shotcrete pump can mix the cement, water and aggregate in a designed proportion driven by diesel engine, press it to the nozzle with a wet sprayer, and then add a quick-setting agent to the nozzle and converges with the wind. Diesel shotcrete pump can be used for wet spraying and pumping.

The advantages of diesel shotcrete pump

  • The sealing structure is good, which reduces the degree of dust pollution and small dust.
  • The amount of rebound is small, saving materials.
  • Since the concrete has been mixed well before spraying, the mixing ratio of the concrete is ensured, thereby ensuring the quality of the concrete.

We received an inquiry for 40 cubic meter per hour diesel concrete pump trailer from our Colombia customer in October, 2018. He had bought one concrete pump from us in 2015. Now there was new client asked for this diesel concrete pump. His requirements were as following,

  1. Cummins diesel engine
  2. Germany Rexroth hydraulic pump
  3. Concrete capacity 40m3/h
  4. It can also used for wet shotcrete

Then we discussed with our engineer. Concrete pump and wet shotcrete used together, it called shotcrete pump. According to customer’s requirements, we recommended our diesel shotcrete pump. When used it as concrete pump, the concrete capacity could reach 40m3/h, and when used as wet shotcrete machine, the capacity capacity could reach 7-8m3/h. Our engineer told that for Germany Rexroth hydraulic pump, it could not adjust displacement and they advised to changed Rexroth hydraulic pump to Kawasaki hydraulic pump. The price of Kawasaki hydraulic pump price was a little lower than Rexroth hydraulic pump. We forwarded all the information with all spare parts and delivery pipe to our Colombia customer. On December 2018, He gave us the order and we arranged delivery diesel shotcrete pump on January 2019.

Diesel Shotcrete Pump Was Exported to Colombia
Shotcrete Pump Was Exported to Colombia
Mini Shotcrete Pump Was Exported to Colombia

Diesel Shotcrete Pump Specifications:

Item HBTS40-10-74R
Max Theoretical Concrete Output   (m³/h) 40
Max Concrete outlet Pressure   (Mpa) 10
Concrete slump  (mm) 120-230
Aggregate Size  (mm)  gravel≤40
Power  (KW) Diesel motor 74
Speed  (r/min) 2200
Conveying Cylinder Diameter  (mm) ¢100/1000
Concrete Cylinder Diameter  (mm) ¢160/1000
Hopper Capacity  (m³) 0.35
Fuel Tank Capacity  (L) 250
Filling Height  (mm) 1250
Max  Conveying Distance (vertical Height/Horizontal Distance)  (m) 70/300
Pipe Cleaning Mode Washing
Overall Dimension  (mm) 5000×2100×2200
Total Weight  (kg) 4000

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