Concrete pump spare parts are the parts to keep the concrete pump machine running smoothly. When the concrete pump is in operation, if it is used improperly, it will easily lead to premature failure of some concrete pump spare parts, which not only increases the maintenance cost of the equipment, but also seriously affects the production. How to improve the service life of concrete pump spare parts is worth exploring.

Some Important Concrete Pump Spare Parts

  1. Cutting ring and glasses plate

The cutting ring and the glasses plate are the pair of tightly fitting parts with relative movement, and the contact faces of the two are welded with a layer of wear-resistant material, and the gap between the two can be adjusted through the special-shaped nut at the end of the S-shaped spline shaft ( 0.1 to 0.2) mm. A rubber spring fitted between the S-shaped tube and the cutting ring allows the cutting ring and the optical plate to move relative to each other flexibly.

When pumping concrete, the cutting ring swings with the swing of the S-shaped tube, which plays the role of cutting concrete. Therefore, the cutting ring wears faster, and the higher the pressure of the concrete at the exit, the more serious the wear of the cutting ring. Typically, the wear of the cutting ring occurs first at the edge and at two symmetrical locations at an angle of 90° to the top. Therefore, when the above part of the cutting ring is worn, the cutting ring can be rotated at an angle and then continue to be used, which is equivalent to doubling the service life of the cutting ring.

  1. Piston and delivery cylinder

The piston is generally made of polyurethane material, which is more elastic and wear-resistant, and the inner wall of the conveying cylinder is also plated with wear-resistant material. There are two kinds of lubrication methods between the piston and the delivery cylinder: one is automatic lubrication, one for each pumping, the refueling system automatically adds one lubricating oil; the other is the manual refueling system, which requires manual refueling. For the automatic refueling system, it is necessary to regularly check whether the oil passage is unblocked, otherwise the piston and the conveying cylinder will be sharply worn once the oil passage is blocked; for the manual refueling system, the operator should replenish the lubricating oil regularly according to the working environment, usually under each 1 hour. Remember: When refueling, be sure to jog the piston to the lower part of the vertical refueling point so that the lubricant just enters the oil groove in the middle of the piston.

  1. Conveying pipeline

When taking over, be sure to pick up from the outlet of the pump, that is, from front to back. Do not connect the two ends first, then connect the middle.

Incorrect connection will cause “internal forces” between the pipes, and it is easy to cause the pipe to break from the joint during pumping. After the pipeline is connected, the outlet of the pump, the elbow, and the suspended space of the pipeline must be fixed firmly to prevent the pipeline from damaging and damaging the pipeline.

Because the closer to the pump, the higher the pressure of the concrete in the pipeline, the new pipe with a thick wall is used at the outlet of the pump, and the old pipe with a thin wall is used farther away from the pump, which can improve the use of the pipe. Life expectancy while reducing the possibility of squib.

For elbows, the most serious wear is away from the side of the pump. It is advisable to use the elbows often to extend the service life.

Our customer from Russian was one agent of our company in his country, most of his business was related to concrete pump spare parts. After some times communication with him , we knew he had many friends do the business of concrete pump, and the concrete pump spare parts quality was also very important to their construction site. For first time cooperation, i remembered it was on 10th , OCT ,2017. He called me and gave the list of the concrete pump spare parts needed , like 125mm steel delivery pipe , elbow pipe, glasses plate and some electric components, and let us send to his Chinese friend in Manzhouli city. And from then on , we had done the business for nearly 6 times. This year we had sent concrete pump spares parts to Manzhouli city for 5 times. Also he told me that he would give us the new concrete pump spares parts order next month with large quantity.

Concrete Pump Spare Parts Was Exported to Russian
Concrete Pump Machine Spare Parts Was Exported to Russian
Concrete Pump Trailer Spare Parts Was Exported to Russian

 concrete pump spares parts specification

No Item Unit and Specifications
1 Steel delivery pipe

60 sets 125mm

2 S pipe 4sets
3 Piston  2sets
4 Swing cylinder seal 10sets
5 Bearing seal 6sets
6 Cutting ring 2sets
7 Rubber ring


8 Swing cylinder 4sets
9 Wearing glasses plate 2sets
11  Clamps 100sets
19 Electric component 3sets

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